Women In Cyptocurrencies Showcase Their Reactions In Line With The ‘Blockchain Bros’

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Women In Cyptocurrencies Showcase Their Reactions In Line With The ‘Blockchain Bros’

It was in the previous month when one cryptocurrency start-up was shut down. Reports indicate that it had made a promise to move ahead and revolutionize the vegetable and the fruit industry. A lot of things were surprising to most of the people, but the greatest shocker was when it left a single word of its official website-Penis.

Later on, a virtual currency provider called DateCoin was spotted making a series of attempts to try and entice investors to win them over to invest in its initial coin offering. It resorted to Facebook to post an ad that showcased a reclining woman wearing swimsuit and on it was ‘engraved’ the words “Touch my I.C.O.”

There was in a North American Bitcoin Conference held in January and reports indicate that there were about 84 male speakers and three women and it is crucial to point out that the official conference party was conducted at the Miami strip club.

A person familiar with the matter said, “Virtual currencies and blockchain, the digital ledger that forms the backbone of the cryptocurrencies, were intended to be democratizing and equalizing forces, buoyed by a utopian exuberance. But women making efforts to participate in the gold rush are finding a lopsided gender divide.”

In other words that implies that a time has come when the budding world may eventually end up resembling the rest of the technology industry which is characterized by the aspect of having women in pretty small numbers.

One of the market observers following closely on matter has moved ahead to say that the imbalance has its own significance considering in close consideration of the fact that the fortunes are usually made during the early days of the industry.

Eventually, it is clear to see that most of the big winners from that point proceed to make investments and at the back of their minds is who to support or build. One thing that is quite evident at the moment is the fact that a few entrepreneurs as well as the investors have started sounding the alarm.

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