MoviePass Inc Enters into a Pact with Landmark Theaters to Provide Advanced Screening Reservations and E-tickets

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MoviePass Inc Enters into a Pact with Landmark Theaters to Provide Advanced Screening Reservations and E-tickets

MoviePass Inc has entered into a deal with Landmark Theaters, which is owned by Mr. Mark Cuban and Mr. Todd Wagner, to offer services like the selection of seats through an app, advanced screening reservations and e-tickets. The company is planning to progress its business by signing a deal with exhibitors.

The movie theater subscription service in New York will be integrated with Landmark’s ticket system. The users are at advantage to reserve the seats using their mobiles, buy e-tickets and make advance reservation etc to watch their favorite movies at Landmark Theaters.

The monthly subscription of MoviePass for the customers is dropped to $6.95. However, the users need to make an annual subscription outright to avail the lower subscription charges. This is the second drop in monthly subscription in two months.

In August 2017, the company has relaunched the monthly subscription plan of all you can watch a movie at $10. It has allowed the customers to watch one favorite movie daily without worrying about the blackout days. The subscription fee was just equal to the cost of one movie ticket. It was a great news for movie goers.

However, the journey of MoviePass is not always rosy. The company has dropped the service recently to almost ten of the high performance theaters.

According to a communique, the debit card provider – MoviePass has entered into a deal with over 1,000 theater screens as well as many studios on a revenue sharing basis. The deal with Landmark is one such initiative.

Landmark Theaters, which is based in Los Angeles, operates around 255 screens in fifty three theaters spanning 27 markets that include Maryland, New York, Illinois, Minnesota, Florida, Los Angeles, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Texas.

MoviePass’s Senior Vice President for business strategy and exhibitor relations, Mr. Bernadette McCabe said the deal with Landmark is another milestone in promoting the green initiative. This new initiative is considered as a way to educate the customers about working mutually for a cost effective solution. It is a win-win situation for the moviegoers to enjoy their favorite movie every day at the nearby screen.

The latest move is part of diversifying the revenue streams. Mr. Mitch Lowe, Chief Executive Officer of MoviePass said, the company is mainly aiming to ensure affordability of watching to the moviegoers.

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