Getting From Petabytes to Exabytes: The Road Ahead

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January 31, 2018
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Getting From Petabytes to Exabytes: The Road Ahead

Since the launched of Storj network, its growth has been very phenomenal. Over the last last six months alone, Storj’s increased the level of data stored by around 50 percent every month. Today, the company is storing over 30PBs on the network. The company says it is anticipating that the recent partnerships it has entered into will help in fueling this growth even further. This is expected to push the use of the network from petabytes to exabytes.

Before the company’s network is able to support the high volume of users as well as that much data, it is working on improving the architecture of the network. These improvements are expected to take time to implement. For the company to accomplish its growth plan, Storj will offer access to new users so as to guarantee zero impact to the already existing users. The platform will still allow new users to register but they will be placed on the waiting list. The platform will however be opened to a limited number of users in the next several months.

The company is committed to supporting its current users as well as farmers. Users that are building on top of Storj will continue to develop their applications without interruption, as the library endpoints will be unchanged. When rolling out the architecture updates, the company will be doing everything it can to minimize impact.

For farmers, the change in architecture will help in establishing a firm foundation for massive growth, and additional opportunities so as to monetize the unused storage. When the new architecture is finally rolled out, farmers that have the best reputations will be poised to reap great rewards.

One of the biggest challenges that developers are facing is scalability. The company says it has been working on this challenge for the past four years. The data that it has obtained, as well as the insights gleaned as it has grown, has helped in identifying the way forward. The network which will result from this change in Storj’s architecture will lead to improvement in payouts for farmers, improvement in the performance for users as well as a completely decentralized cloud storage platform which developers can use so as to power the decentralized applications of the future.

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