Blockchain Taking Over To Transform Healthcare Sector

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March 6, 2018
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Blockchain Taking Over To Transform Healthcare Sector

Today, the digital world is being familiarized with various applications, of which some are alike while others are innovative and unique in different ways. A new addition has arrived, an application that uses the blockchain technology in transforming healthcare sector.

It’s globally agreeable that healthcare facilities should be made available for everybody at any time. But before treating any patient, the doctors need to be provided with their medical records. Besides that, if the payment is delayed, then additional procedures are superseded.

In such a case, wasting one even a minute is a case of life and death, so their solution should be established to help in working things faster than the existing paperwork. Optimization of healthcare also ensures that medical professionals devote more of their time saving another life or working on relevant research.

An Estonian based company called Healthureum is planning to offer solutions to such medical problems through a combination of smart contracts and healthcare on the blockchain of Ethereum. The results would then provide accessibility and transparency, thus saving time and saving people as well.

To be honest, when you visit a hospital and try filling out personal information, the least a patient should worry about is ensuring they have enough money to cater the visit. Whether it’s a common sickness or an emergency, it is essential to undergo the same process all the time you visit the hospital.

In fact, Electronic Health Records (EHR) are not as helpful as thought. They are very expensive and also fail regarding interoperability. HER are not secure either and usually stolen and sold on the Dark Web.

Now, this is where Healthureum comes in with a solution. When your medical record is entered into a private blockchain, you are the only one who can authorize access to that information.

Healthureum allows emergency units to access critical information and offer you treatment services that you need as quickly as possible. Because of standardization, in any case, you are transferred to another hospital, your latest medical data becomes easy to view. Besides, you can get what you need at the comfort of your house through consultation with doctors and seeking referrals, thanks to the users who have access to Healthureum.

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