Seed Mena And Jaguar Health Inc (NASDAQ:JAGX) Partner To Carry Out Tests On Equilevia™

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Seed Mena And Jaguar Health Inc (NASDAQ:JAGX) Partner To Carry Out Tests On Equilevia™

The stock Jaguar Health Inc (NASDAQ:JAGX) closed at $0.131gaining 0.77% in yesterday’s trading session. Seed Mena Businessmen Services is making its entry into a collaboration agreement with Jaguar for Equilevia to help athletes around the globe.

This Dubai based company is affiliated with Seed Group and has been targeting leveraging the group’s network in a bid to offer support to potential business expansion throughout the North Africa and Middle East.

An analyst following on the company’s progress opined, “Equilevia contains ingredients isolated and purified from the medicinal Croton lechleritree. Gut health is of critical importance in competitive horses, as conditions such as ulcers can meaningfully impair equine athlete performance, and colic can lead to the death of an otherwise healthy horse in a matter of hours.”

He proceeded to outline that in most of the Gulf economies the passage of time was witnessing the traditional hobbies slowly become widespread activities. This is something that comes to life especially for horses which have over the years become a major passion for the region’s Bedouin tribes. The competitive equine industry has undergone major transformations and this has also been reflected in the overall development of the nation.

It is a matter that is attracting the attention of many to witness the country rise and become a world leader in equine endurance competitions, horse racing as well as in a wide range of the equine athletic activities.

The Senior Director at International Ventures at Seed Group, Mohammed Al Banna affirmed that they had their eyes set on capitalizing on SEED’s network and contacts in both the public and the private sector in the UAE. According to him, that was to be part of the company’s strategic collaboration with Jaguar in a bid to promote improved gut health management in the large number of these athletes through Equileviasales and awareness in the entire zone.

Jaguar recently went ahead to conduct tests on the Equileviaand they were targeted at establishing the safety and wellness in horses under training as well as those in racing competitions.

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