Crypto Bridge Network Establishes An Array Of ATMs For Easy Access To Cryptocurrencies

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February 23, 2018
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Crypto Bridge Network Establishes An Array Of ATMs For Easy Access To Cryptocurrencies

The US investors will no longer need banks, exchange accounts, debit or credit cards to access cryptocurrency. As the industry grows, it is making life easier for businesses and individuals who are trading using the digital money thanks to Crypto Bridge Network. The platform will be establishing an array of ATM networks, which will be supporting both the cryptocurrency and paper money withdrawals.

The new move comes at a time when there is a growing consumer demand for inexpensive access to digital currencies According to the Co-Founder of Crypto Bridge Network, Scott Messina, the platform aims at accommodating this demand. The convenience in it involves visiting of a location, which has a Crypto Bridge ATM by simply downloading the Crypto Bridge Network app on one’s phone.

Users can exchange their cryptocurrencies with Fiat money anytime they wish

It is not just about being able to access cryptocurrencies with ease but Crypto Bridge Network has a lot more to offer. Its partners will not incur any charges to use the ATMs and the users will also be given ATM tokens to facilitate network usage.

That said, the company has organized a pre-TGE token sale to U.S. investors, which is expected to be a game changer for the industry. The pre-sale will be accepting Pre-Token contributions secured by a SAFTE Agreement and will attract up to 92.22% discount. The investment will be funding the first rollout of Crypto Bridge ATMs as the company reorganizes its strategies in the first half of 2018.

Acknowledging the company’s milestone, Messina says, “It’s our goal that after our public token sale, Crypto Bridge Network will more than double the number of Crypto ATMs worldwide, making our network the dominant player by far.”

Crypto Bridge Network’s strategies for success

First and foremost Crypto Bridge Network intends to build a national and international CBT network. The network will in return market and elevate the exposure for new token creators. This will be accompanied by public education and awareness campaign, which is expected to dispel the myth that cryptocurrencies and instead build consumer approval of the currencies.

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