Cannabiniers Seeks To Utilize Skinvisible’s Patented Pharmaceutical Polymer

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December 15, 2017
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December 15, 2017

Cannabiniers Seeks To Utilize Skinvisible’s Patented Pharmaceutical Polymer

The stock of Skinvisible Inc (OTCMKTS:SKVI) closed at $0.0480 losing 15.04% in yesterday’s trading session. Cannabiniers has proceeded to sign an agreement with Lighthouse Strategies in a bid to utilize Skinvisible’s patented pharmaceutical polymer.

By taking advantage of its national indirect distribution channel, Cannabiniers will be able to manufacture and distribute products across the various US regulated markets of cannabis. The initial markets include California and Nevada the San Diego Releaf and Silver State Wellness will be expected to showcase their support.

The President of Cannabiniers, Timothy Walters said that as a company they were looking forward to that point where they will be able to normalize the consumption as well as the use of cannabis. He exuded confidence that it would get to that part where they will manage to integrate it within the lives of the various consumers and patients.

Walters asserted that they had witnessed great success in line with the rest of their current brands. He said that he was sure they were going to do the same with the wide range of products from Ovation.

It was a moment of great excitement that they had reached the point of collaborating with Lighthouse and Ovation. And they are now focusing on serving their wide customer base with top quality products. He took great pride in the company’s patented delivery technology terming it a major game changer.

The General Manager of Silver State Wellness, Darren Krein, opined, “Ovation’s innovative technology will allow us to provide creative topical and transdermal cannabis products that allow people to treat themselves in a comfortable & reliable form while maintaining their normal everyday lifestyle, which is very exciting.”

The Market Director of San Diego ReLeaf outlined that the licensing agreement with Ovation Science Inc was indeed a major step forward. According to him, the new exciting line of products would help quite much in terms of rounding out most of the organization’s current product offerings.

He also confirmed that they were moving very close to the completion of their new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in California. They were at the moment making preparations prior to Californian’s entry into the adult use market.

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