Canada’s Drilling Program Inspires Confidence In Mineralisation

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Canada’s Drilling Program Inspires Confidence In Mineralisation

The drilling program in Canada with the passage of time continues to inspire greater level of confidence especially towards the continuity of mineralization. Reports indicate the presence of high-grade, near-surface spodumene mineralization and that is slowly shifting much attention to the Seymour Lake Lithium Project in Ontario.

Ardiden’s drilling results have brought it to the limelight that there exist a number of pegmatite zones lying close to the surface at South Aubry. Currently, mineralization remains open to the east, north, and west and down-dip.

The results emanating from the drilling are serving as the precursor towards the identification of a series of other enormous mineralised zones. Ardiden seeks to develop a deeper understanding of the underlying geological structures. It goes without saying that further exploration and drilling will help it a lot towards reaching its goal.

An expert familiar with the most recent development said, “Only about 5% of the regional 5 kilometre strike length of modelled pegmatites have been drill-tested, and the true potential of the project is yet to be fully evaluated. Circa 40 new pegmatite exposures have been identified, with several of these exposures hosting visible spodumene.”

The expert outlined that they had been undertaking their activities for the years and the best part was that they got better with time. According to him, it was a lucrative field and that is what kept them going. However, he attested to the fact that they from time to time come heads-on with numerous challenges. He said that their experience in the field had versed them with knowledge on the best ways to counter the challenges that pop up along the way.

The Seymour Lake Lithium Project in Ontario will help enhance a lot of lives. That is considering the fact that a lot of people will get employment opportunities. Ardiden in a recent statement outlined that it was not going to be shy of making investments provided they were lucrative. It added that it was making a lot of progress attributing that to the strategies it employed in its business operations.

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